MP4 Splitter

Do you need a video splitter especially designed for MP4 format files? Do you want to install splitting software with high splitting speed and without any quality lost? Well, please free download MP4 video splitter, you will love it.

MP4 splitter is currently one of the most powerful video cutting programs by its unique direct stream cutting mode. It can help splitting a big MP4 video file to various segments in a flash. Super large video file is preferred.

MP4 Splitter Screenshot

Functions of MP4 format splitter

* Split one large MP4 file into several video clips.
* Split unnecessary moments.
* Extract your favorite music clips from MP4 file.
* Especially designed for MP4 file splitting.

More info about video MP4 splitter

With very user-friendly interface, even beginner finds it very easy to operate this fabulous video splitter for MP4 files.
Direct stream splitting technology enables you to cut MP4 file quickly but without changing format and quality of output files.
Splitting one big source video file into several video segments is supported by MP4 splitting software.
You can edit the start point and end point of each clips separately.
Profile parameters of output video file including Codec, bitrates, frame size, frame rate, sample rate and channels can be adjusted.
It provides a better splitting solution than most of the same product in them market.

Step-by-step Guide of MP4 splitter

For how to use this wonderful splitting utility-MP4 video splitter, please refer to the following information.
1.Before you start your cutting project, please free download MP4 video splitter in your computer. Follow instructions and install this program.
2.Drag and drop MP4 video file you need to split with this MP4 movie splitter.
3.Preview the file with the embedded player in the video splitter. Tick to set start point and for end point.
4.Press "Start", you can adjust profile parameters prior to splitting. The cutting project even with super large MP4 files can be competed in a flash.

System Requirements

Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later runtime
Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows7