MP4 Cutter for Mac

MP4 Cutter for Mac is a powerful video splitting tool running on Mac OS. This Mac MP4 format cutter has been the first choice to split, cut or trim one large MP4 file into various smaller video clips on Mac OS.
With user-friendly interface and powerful cutting function, this video cutting program Mac allows users to cut videos at will with multiple customizable options.
Re-encode cutting mode can cut the source MP4 format Mac to small segments quickly and without any quality lost.
A built-in video player is available to preview video files and then you can mark the start point and end point to capture the moments you like easily.
Labeling various start point and end point from a large video, you can get clips as many as you like to e with only one click with this MP4 movie cutter on Mac OS.
Buttons with different functions are really useful such as buttons for playing/pausing, stopping, setting start point and end point function. Well, there are also buttons for playing back/forward, playing selected part and locating the start/end point.
This Mac MP4 cutter program is really a reliable helper for those who are buried into cutting project such as musicians, professional speakers, radio personnel, journalists, DJs, webmasters and so on.

MP4 Cutter for Mac Screenshot

Key Functions of MP4 Cutter for Mac

* Cut one large MP4 file on Mac into various small video pieces with good quality.
* Cut some needless parts off an MP4 file on Mac OS.
* Trim an MP4 movie file Mac as you like.

Main features of MP4 Cutter for Mac

User-friendly and simple interface.
Support cutting source file into multiple clips at one time on Mac OS.
Preview MP4 video files using built-in player.
Built-in video player is featured with some powerful function buttons.
Codec, bitrates, frame size, frame rate, sample rate and channels of output video clips on Mac can be selected with this cutter.
Free lifetime technical support and upgrade plus quick response to your questions and problems.

System Requirements

Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6).